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Resistance and Compliance

The EMMS invasive airway mechanics system can analyse a variety of parameters, ranging from respiratory rate and tidal volume to resistance and compliance. Primarily, the system measures airflow and trans-pulmonary pressure to derive airway resistance and lung compliance. Additionally, blood pressure and heart rate can be recorded to assist in monitoring the level of anaesthesia and to investigate any possible cardiovascular effects.

Compounds can be delivered to the subjects via nebulised aerosol or intravenously through the tail or jugular veins. Tail vein access is provided by the unique EMMS range of tail out plethysmographs.

Our RC System

EMMS Resistance and Compliance Plethysmographs

Tail-Out Pleth

EMMS Tail-Out Resistance and Compliance Plethysmographs

Parameters Measured

  • Airway resistance (with or without cannula resistance compensation)
  • Dynamic Compliance
  • Developed pleural pressure
  • Lung conductance
  • Tidal volume
  • Inspiration time
  • Expiration time
  • Peak inspiratory flow
  • Peak expiratory flow
  • Breathing frequency
  • Minute volume
  • Parameter Explanations and Additional Parameters

Classic Resistance and Compliance with Direct Flow


  • Multiple compound delivery methods (i.v. or aerosol)
  • Multiple subjects can be monitored simultaneously
  • Plethysmography or direct flow measurement
  • Optional Cardiovascular Parameter monitoring


  • Acute and chronic models of respiratory dysfunction
  • Comprehensive evaluation of lung function


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