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Fleisch Pneumotachographs

The pneumotachograph is based on the principle of Poiseuille’s Law, which states that, assuming laminar flow in a narrow tube, flow is proportional to the pressure drop per unit length of a narrow tube. A continuous measurement of this pressure drop (the difference in pressure between two points in the tube), provides a differential relationship between pressure and flow.

In the Fleisch pneumotachograph, laminar flow is achieved by distributing the air flow into a large number of narrow, parallel tubes.

In order to avoid condensation of water vapour in the tubes, the pneumotachograph is equipped with a heating element, and a thermistor to facilitate thermoregulation. The heating element is waterproof, and the whole pneumotachograph may be immersed in liquid for cleaning and disinfecting.


Examples of EMMS Fleisch Pneumotachographs


EMMS' pneumotachographs are available in a range of sizes, to support maximum flows from 12 ml/s to 25 l/s. Please contact EMMS for more information.




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