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Inhalation Exposure

EMMS IES 306, 312 and 324 Inhalation Towers

EMMS offers a complete solution for nose-only exposure applications with our inhalation exposure system. We can supply exposure towers, animal tubes, transducers, amplifiers, and software. We are also able to supply a variety of different animal tubes to fit your existing exposure towers

IET series exposure tubes



Inhalation exposure tower configured for wet aerosol delivery (multiple configurations available)

IES 312 configured for wet aerosol delivery without monitoring

eDacq displaying accumulated volume measurement

During a typical study the subject is placed in its own exposure tube. A rubber seal around the animal's neck ensures an airtight seal in the body of the exposure tube. Each tube is placed in the exposure tower, and aerosol is then administered to all the animals simultaneously. The exposure tube is equipped with a pneumotachograph, which allows measurement of respiratory flow from movement of the animal's chest wall.

EMMS PLY 200 Series Plethysmograph for monitoring during exposure

Parameters Measured

(When used with plethysmography)

  • Accumulated volume (allows for accurate calculation of delivered dose and computer control of aerosol generators)
  • Tidal volume
  • Inspiration time
  • Expiration time
  • Peak inspiratory flow
  • Peak expiratory flow
  • Breathing frequency
  • Minute volume
  • End inspiratory pause
  • End expiratory pause
  • Explanations and more parameters


  • Towers can be converted between flow through and flow past (directed flow)
  • Aerosol can be administered from either end of the tower
  • Easily assembled and disassembled
  • Dishwasher safe to prevent compound carry over
  • Multiple species per tower
  • EMMS offers a complete range of aerosol generation devices for dry powder and droplet aerosol production
  • Particulate monitoring capability
  • Can be used as a delivery platform for EMMS cough detection system


  • Toxicology Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic studies.
  • Cough Detection




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