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eSpira™ Forced Manoeuvers System

eSpira FM System for Mouse

Spirometry is the most common method for assessing lung function within the clinical environment, with FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume in one second), in particular, being the most characterised and utilised tests. Until recently, this method of assessing lung function was precluded within the laboratory, as it involved voluntary manoeuvres. However, the EMMS eSpira™ system enables a researcher to perform classical spirometry lung function testing on anaesthetised animals.

Typically, animals are intubated or tracheostomised and cannulated. The animal’s lungs are inflated to a set tracheal pressure, and then exposed to a large negative pressure reservoir. This forces the subject to exhale as quickly as possible and enables the scientist to mimic classical clinical spirometry. Parameters calculated include Forced Expiratory Volume (FEVx), where x is the time in milliseconds, Forced Vital Capacity and maximum mid expiratory flow, which gives an average flow over the middle part of the flow volume curve and is useful for determining mild to moderate airway obstruction.

The graph above illustrates data obtained using the eSpira™ system in a chronic murine model of asthma. Mice were sensitised with Ovalbumin and challenged on multiple occasions. Control animals were injected with alum only and were administered a saline aerosol. The lung function measurements were performed 24 hours after the last challenge. There was a 49% reduction in Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) and a 46% reduction in Forced Expiratory Volume in 50 milliseconds (FEV50). These data illustrate that the eSpira™ system is capable of detecting lung function changes, in a murine asthma model, similar to those observed in the clinical environment.

eSpira™ For Mouse


Parameters Measured Include:

  • Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV)
  • Total Lung Capacity
  • Forced Vital Capacity
  • Peak Expiratory Flow
  • Maximum Mid Expiratory Flow
  • Quasistatic Pressure Volume Curves
  • FRC
  • Resistance/Compliance
  • Explanations and more parameters


  • Available for all common species from mouse to primate
  • Replicates classical spirometry lung function testing
  • Comprehensive lung function analysis


  • Acute and Chronic models
  • Recovery anaesthesia protocols


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