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Cardiac Action Potential

EMMS can now offer a solution to help meet the needs of the ICH S7A/S7B guidelines, which recommend in-vitro testing of human pharmaceuticals for effects on cardiac repolarisation and potential arrhythmogenicity. The guidelines focus on torsades de pointes, a potentially fatal arrhythmia in which the electrocardiographic QT interval is prolonged by drugs that block a subtype of potassium channel (HERG, or human ether-á-go-go related gene). Our system monitors the cardiac action potential from cardiac tissue (e.g., isolated Purkinje fibres), and extracts a number of parameters such as maximum rate of depolarisation, action potential durations, diastolic membrane potential, and upstroke amplitude.

Parameters Measured


  • Multiple fibres can be monitored simultaneously
  • Fast sample rate, up to 200 kHz
  • Optional pulse generator to pace tissue
  • Fully customisable display area
  • Overlay of incoming action potentials on a reference control trace
  • Fully compliant with GLP and FDA Final Rule 21 CFR Part 11, for submission of electronic records and electronic signatures.


  • Safety pharmacology
  • Evaluation of drug proarrhythmic potential

Cardiac Action Potential In eDacq

eDacq recording Cardiac Action Potential


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