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EMMS specialises in providing solutions for the cardiovascular and respiratory scientist. Please feel free to browse our research techniques to see if we can provide a solution for you. Please keep in mind that EMMS is experienced in providing custom solutions for unique experiments.

Forced Manoeuvres

eSpira™ Forced Manoeuvres System

Providing classical spirometry parameters such as FEV, FRC and TLC


Forced oscillatory manoeuvres in the horse

Ventilatory Parameter Measurement

Whole Body Plethysmography

A system designed around ease of use; commonly used in high throughput, long-term studies

Head-Out Plethysmography

An exceptionally versatile platform, the primary system can be utilised for inhalation toxicology, telemetered resistance or ventilatory parameters

Inhalation Exposure

Inhalation Towers

Delivery of compounds directly to the airways and analysis of ventilatory parameters

Exposure Boxes  

Delivery of compound to multiple subjects simultaneously

Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics

Double Chamber Plethysmography

Capable of recording specific airway resistance and conductance without surgery or anaesthesia

Invasive Airway Mechanics

Resistance and Compliance System

Classical resistance and compliance measurement utilising either plethysmography or direct flow measurement


Cardiac Action Potential

Scientist-oriented software capable of recording and analysing action potentials

Diaphragm Analyser

Software capable of measuring diaphragmatic responsiveness


ECG Monitoring

User-defined templates and beat by beat analysis which can be combined with any other EMMS system

Blood Pressure Analyser

Blood pressure analysis as stand alone or add-on feature

Data Analysis


EMMS Data Acquisition program, accurate, reliable, reproducible


EMMS Post Acquisition analysis, providing raw, period and group data





 EMMS Solutions  
eSpira™ Forced Manoeuvres
Resistance and Compliance
Whole Body Plethysmography
Head-Out Plethysmography
Double Chamber Plethysmography
Cardiac Action Potential
ECG Monitoring
Custom Solutions
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