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Wright Dust Feed

EMMS' Wright Dust-Feed (eWDF) provides a very stable and precisely controlled delivery of dry powder. The eWDF is based on the design of B.M. Wright, M.A, M.B. of the Medical Research Council, UK: circa 1949. A range of different dust cup sizes are provided, for administering different volumes of material. An electronic controller provides very precise control of the cutting and dust generation speeds, and includes a novel stall sensor\alarm to alert the user to a cup rotation stall condition.

EMMS' Wright Dust FEED, and accessories

  1. Cutter base unit, fitted with dust cup mount and cup 3 (large) cutter blade
  2. eWDF controller
  3. Controller to cutter unit interface cable
  4. Stall sensor, mounted in the base unit
  5. Connecting cable
  6. Power supply (mains cable not shown)
  7. Cup 2 cover, screws on to cup 2
  8. Cup 1 (mini size), screws on to cup 2
  9. Cup 2 (small size)
  10. Cup 3 (large size)
  11. Cup stall sensor sleeve
  12. Drift, cup 1
  13. Drift, cup 2
  14. Drift, cup 3
  15. Cup 1 blade extender
  16. Cup 1 blade
  17. Cup 2 blade
  18. Outlet port

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