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CH Technologies Vilnius Aerosol Generator

Dry Powder Aerosol Generator

EMMS, in collaboration with CH Technologies, now offers a new solution for dry powder or fibre aerosol generation, the Vilnius Aerosol Generator features a proprietary physical agitator unit, with easy sample loading and high-efficiency generation. Compatible with both micronized and non-micronized agents, the unit utilizes closed-loop feedback control when combined with TPM 100 Total Particulate Matter transducer. The system is ideal for low volume/low flow generation requiring precise regulation.


The Vilnius Aerosol Generator (VAG) is a general-purpose dry powder disperser. The VAG is a highly reliable device, which produces aerosol concentrations from 1 to 2000 mg/m3. In addition to its capability of producing high aerosol concentrations, VAG provides exceptional deagglomeration characteristics.

The instrument consists of Controller and Disperser units. The Disperser contains a dynamic aerosolization and a deagglomeration assembly. The aerosolization assembly includes a dust chamber for placement of a powder to be aerosolized. Airflow, directed into the chamber through a control valve and jets impinges upon the powder dispersing it into the air. Simultaneously air jets activate a turbine which is used for continuous supply of powder under the air jets. The aerosolization efficiency is increased by means of vibrating cam which oscillates the turbine.

The aerosolization assembly is interconnected with the deagglomeration
assembly by a capillary. The lower end of the capillary is positioned at the top
of the dust chamber, while the upper end of the capillary enters the region of
high velocity airflow. The aerosol particles are deagglomerated in the
deagglomeration assembly by the shear forces that are generated between the
high velocity airflow, exiting through a narrow gap around capillary, and the
low velocity aerosol stream exiting the capillary.


CHT Vilnius Aerosol Generator ®

  • Works with very low quantities of dry powder
  • Closed loop feedback - Can be eDacq controlled
  • Adjustable aerosolization rate
  • Available in single head or two head configuration



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