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EMMS Total Particulate Monitoring

The EMMS Total Particulate Matter Transducer (TPM 100) is used to determine the concentration / density of particulate matter in the aerosols administered to test subjects. The transducer is designed to be used with eDacq for the purposes of dose quantification and aerosol generator control.

EMMS Total Particulate Monitoring Transducer

EMMS TPM 100 Total Particulate Monitoring Transducer

  • Units can be used individually or linked together
  • Gain settings can be adjusted to optimise sensitivity for different ranges
  • Fully Integrated into eDacq
  • Developed to provide accurate aerosol information to researchers.
  • Can be used in a fully automated, subject specific, dose control system
  • Can be disassembled for easy cleaning

TPM connected to IES Tower

TPM 100 in-line with port on EMMS Inhalation Exposure Tower


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