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EMMS Adaptive Amplifier

The EMMS Adaptive Amplifier (AMP 110) was designed to provide researchers with increased accuracy, flexibility and traceability. Traditional amplifiers are configured through front mounted controls or internal settings. With the AMP 110 all configuration is conducted through eDacq. This simplifies the calibration process and improves traceability as all amplifier settings are stored within the data file.

The modular amplifier system can be converted between study types or species with one click. The user defined configuration files ensure that the AMP 110 accurately acquires your signal regardless of changes in your study type.

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  • Auto-zero function and calibration wizard - reduce calibration time
  • Amplifier settings and calibration data saved as part of experiment configuration file -  increased GLP compliance
  • Software configurable - one click configuration
  • Modular design - allows for easy adaptation to new studies
  • USB interface - no card required in host PC

EMMS AMP 110 in AIU 060
EMMS AMP 110 Adaptive Amplifier In AAC 060 Rack


  • Instrumentation amplifier suitable for EMMS range of bridge transducers (e.g. TPF 100, TPP  200, TBP  300)
  • Fully configurable by eDacq software, v1.8.2 onwards
  • Panel LED indicators for:
    • Limit - the input value exceeds maximum range
    • Standby - the system is awaiting user input
    • Ready - the system is ready to begin recoding data
  • 0 to 50°C operating temperature
  • Software configurable gain from 10 to 500,000 times
  • Software configurable offset and transducer balance controls
  • Software configurable AC/DC mode
  • Input channel selector
  • Software configuration for extended frequency range

EMMS AAC 120 Twelve bay Amp Rack with AMP 110s

Customers using the previous generation of amplifiers can find details of that product here


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Limit: The input signal exceeds the maximum voltage StandBy: The system is awaiting calibration confirmation from the user Ready: The system is ready to begin acquiring a signal